• Sold: Reno FM, Mississippi CP

    by Perry Michael Simon
    February 2, 2023 at 7:40 AM (PT)
  • aa-saleswrap2018-2023-02-02.jpg


    FLINN BROADCASTING CORPORATION is selling Variety KPGF (AMERICA MATTERS)/SUN VALLEY-RENO, NV to WORLD MATTERS INC. for $175,000. The buyer programs the station under a time brokerage agreement.

    In other filings with the FCC, SSR COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is selling the construction permit for WRBM/TAYLOR, MS to LARRY FUSS' OXFORD MEDIA GROUP, LLC for $95,000.

    And EDUCATIONAL MEDIA FOUNDATION is transferring K241BO/BELTON, TX to HOUSTON CHRISTIAN BROADCATERS, INC. in exchange for the buyer agreeing to downgrade Religion KALD/CALDWELL, TX from Class C2 to Class C3 to allow EMF to move Contemporary Christian KYLR (K-LOVE)/HUTTO, TX to a new site closer to AUSTIN, and for an agreement for EMF's upgraded Contemporary Christian KVLT (K-LOVE)/TEMPLE, TX to carry the buyer's programming on an HD2 subchannel to be rebroadcast on an upgraded K241BO.

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