• NAB Asks FCC To Hold Off On 2022 Quadrennial Review Until 2018 Review Is Done

    by Perry Michael Simon
    February 2, 2023 at 7:02 AM (PT)
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    Wait Just A Darn Minute Here

    The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS is asking the FCC to hold off on the 2022 Quadrennial Regulatory Review until it gets the 2018 version done.

    In a filing as part of the public comment period for the 2022 quadrennial review, the NAB asks for a "temporary toll" on the review and comment periods until the 2018 review is "expeditiously" completed. The NAB writes that "failure to timely complete the 2018 quadrennial review violates the direct mandate and clear purpose of Section 202(h)" of the Communications Act of 1996, noting that the litigation delaying completion of the prior review has concluded and that "an incomplete but still pending 2018 review also makes it challenging, if not impossible, for stakeholders to submit useful and relevant comments to inform a distinct 2022 review."

    Read the filing here.

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