• This Week's 'Beyond The 615': In A World Of A.I., Be Human

    by Todd Stach
    February 2, 2023 at 6:41 AM (PT)
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    With A.I. gaining so much momentum right now, ALL ACCESS' TODD STACH thinks it may be time that radio doubled down on being human. In this week's "BEYOND THE 615" column, STACH suggests that voice tracking to perfection can actually sanitize the "real life" out of an on-air break.

    STACH writes, "Different radio formats, PDs, and on-air talent have varying opinions of how imperfect you can be on the air. Someone who I coach wondered if clearing her throat sounded bad enough to redo the voice track. I listened and texted her back that it sounded appropriate and natural from my POV. Perfection isn’t the goal; Authenticity is."

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