• NuVoodoo To Present 'VoodooVision' Consumer Study In March Webinars

    by Perry Michael Simon
    February 2, 2023 at 5:20 AM (PT)
  • voodoovision2023-2023-02-02.png


    NuVOODOO MEDIA SERVICES will be unveiling the results of its first consumer study of 2023, the "VOODOOVision Study," in sessions scheduled for MARCH. The study, including interviews with over 5,300 14–54-year-old respondents, will include analysis of consumer behavior across all digital advertising platforms, how and where consumers are spending their media time and where they are paying attention to commercial messages, digital privacy issues, and more.

    The webinars are free and scheduled for MARCH 2nd at 2p (ET), MARCH 6th at noon (ET), and MARCH 21st at 2p (ET). Register for any of the live sessions, or have the presentation video sent to your inbox, by clicking here.

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