• John Shomby Discovers ‘What Country Radio Thinks Of Country Radio’ In His Latest Column

    February 2, 2023 at 4:24 AM (PT)
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    For the past few months, COUNTRY’S RADIO COACH owner JOHN SHOMBY has been conducting an informal survey that has included more than 20 Country programmers, from all market sizes and areas, asking their opinions on the state of radio in general, and Country radio specifically. His panel was asked for their thoughts on the following two questions: “You have a magic wand … What would you do to immediately improve radio as an industry?” And, more specifically, “What would you do to make the Country format better right now?”

    In his latest column for ALL ACCESS, SHOMBY outlines his very interesting findings, but also notes that each of the programmers he spoke with continues to be bullish about the future of Country music and Country radio, and extremely passionate about this industry. 

    Read more in SHOMBY’s new column, “What Country Radio Thinks Of Country Radio,” in ALL ACCESS' CONSULTANT TIPS section here.

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