• All Access Audio Summit 2023 – John Shomby Moderates A Key Session On How To Make Radio Cool Again

    A Cool $200 Gets You In To See This Panel And 15 Others; $100 If Out Of Work

    by Joel Denver
    February 3, 2023 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Sharp Minds Have Bold Ideas

    ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 is the obvious choice to advance your learning and career for a small investment of only $200. Out of work? Just $100. ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 has 63 A+ quality speakers/content creators ready to do a brain dump and share on APRIL 26-28 across 18 sessions. More names will be announced this coming week. W are hard at work on the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 agenda which is coming together! Register now!

    THURSDAY, APRIL 27 at 11a: ‘Let’s Make Radio Cool Again! Creating Lasting Relevance For Our Stations’

    What can we do, as programmers, to build consistent relevance for our listeners with station presentation, promotion, and talent?

    What needs to be done now to ensure the future? Radio’s role in the music discovery process has forever changed with DSP’s taking the lead. Younger demographics, namely Gen-Z, are using radio less than in the past. Radio is no longer the first stop for music or information for multiple generations. What can we do, as programmers, to build consistent relevance for our listeners with station presentation, promotion, and talent?


    • JOHN SHOMBY, Owner/CEO, Country's Radio Coach


    • CHAD RUFER, Group Dir./Programming, Bonneville/Sacramento
    • MIKE McVAY, President, McVay Media
    • PAIGE NEINABER, VP/Fun ‘N Games For CPR
    • TIM BRONSILL, CEO, Point To Point Marketing

    This will be a very noteworthy session to attend.

    All of our speakers, some of finest minds in radio, music, streaming and podcasting, are sharing ideas for this cutting edge session filled with the latest information that will be of personal and career benefit you. They are working together to help shape some incredible learning sessions for you to attend during ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023, so sign up now

    Below is ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023's current and growing lineup of amazing, creative, and thoughtful speakers ready to talk to you about the tough subjects facing our industries:

    • Enhanced Talent Guidance & Support (creation of new stars)
    • Accelerating Our Digital Future (be on a level playing field with DSPs)
    • Increasing Revenue (exploring new models)
    • Decreasing Interruptions (commercials)
    • Trends In Ratings (reversing the slide; increasing sample sizes)
    • Trends In Music (making sense of using metrics, callout in 2023)

    $200 For ALL ACCESS To See All Three Days Of The ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023. $100 If You Are Out Of Work.

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    Register now for ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 on APRIL 26, 27, 28 -- 18 sessions, six daily, from 9a-3p (PT) for just $200. Just $100 if you are out of work. Attend ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023 without the high costs of travel, hotels, and a lack of T&E budgets during the initial broadcast or later on-demand to watch as many times as you like.

    Three days of learning, 18 sessions total from 9a to 3p (PT), APRIL 26, 27, 28. All sessions will be available on-demand to watch over and over as many times as you like across any two devices of your choice.

    Register now for ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023. 

    ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2023s priority is to help everyone carve a winning path forward. More great speakers to be announced soon -- as well as session details.

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    We look forward to your input on session ideas and who you’d like to see speak. Just click here.

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