• 'The Bigger Picture: Choosing The Right Resources' By MC Media's Charese Fruge'

    by Charese Frugé
    February 2, 2023 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    MC Media's Fruge'

    There aren't alot of companies investing in resources for talent and brands these days, so most people in the business are having to invest in themselves. While it’s important to invest in the “right now,” the industry changes daily, and it’s just as important to invest in the “future.” You can’t do that if you (and the industry) are living and working in the past. Do your research, think carefully about what you spend your money on, and how much you spend on your investments.

    If you are investing in your own future, make sure you are looking for coaches, and leaders who are still relevant, still somehow involved in being on the frontlines, who understands PPM strategy and how to get ratings in this day and age, and most importantly who understands that in order for the radio business to survive, we have to grow a younger audience and keep them engaged. And in order to do that, managers and leaders have to speak their language, hire them in positions of power (when qualified) and be open to learning from them as well.

    MC Media's Charese Fruge' tackles how to choose the right resources in this week's "The Bigger Picture." Click here to read more.

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