• John Shomby's Consultant Tips Column Stresses The Importance Of Coaching Radio Talent

    by Phyllis Stark
    September 22, 2022 at 9:10 AM (PT)
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    “In the most recent Jacobs Media Air Personality Survey (AQ4), it was extremely disappointing to see the low percentage of coaching that talents get on a regular basis,” writes consultant and talent coach JOHN SHOMBY in his latest column for ALL ACCESS. “Think about this – almost half – 45% - said they hadn’t had an aircheck session in a year! Twenty-three percent said it happened a couple of times a year; 6% monthly, 9% every two weeks and only 8% weekly or more!”

    Unacceptable, right? SHOMBY thinks so too, and spends the rest of the column offering constructive suggestions on how programmers can best offer guidance to both the local and voice-tracked personalities heard on their airwaves, including frequency, length and content for these meetings. And as he explains, it all starts with making the time.

    Learn more in SHOMBY’s newest article, “Now Is The Time To Make Time,” in ALL ACCESS' CONSULTANT TIPS section right here.

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