• Integr8 Research's Matt Bailey Contends That 'New Music Won't Suck Forever' In New Blog Post

    by Perry Michael Simon
    September 22, 2022 at 8:53 AM (PT)
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    INTEGR8 RESEARCH President MATT BAILEY weighs in on the problem of Top 40 music's "doldrums" in a new post at the company's website with the promising title "Why New Music Won’t Suck Forever."

    In the article, BAILEY, noting that COLEMAN INSIGHTS' Contemporary Music Superstudy found that NORTH AMERICA's favorite songs in 2021 were largely the same songs favored the year before, cites several reasons he believes pop music's slump is both predictable and temporary, namely that Millennials are too old and Gen-Z too young to influence new music trends; it's not abnormal for young listeners to like older music, especially with TIKTOK and TV play influencing them (the "STRANGER THINGS" KATE BUSH and TIKTOK FLEETWOOD MAC "Dreams" effect); and that the harshest critics of today's music aren't in the demographic targeted by that music.

    BAILEY also offers ideas on how to program in this environment, including keeping "conservative consensus hits" in rotation, plus some "carefully selected 'out there' songs"; playing culturally relevant songs even when they aren't yet researched or on radio's radar ("We Don't Talk About Bruno" and "Running Up That Hill," for example); and being on watch for what's next.

    Read the whole thing here.

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