• Downtown Music Holdings Creates New Business and Professional Services Division

    by Perry Michael Simon
    September 22, 2022 at 6:20 AM (PT)
  • downtown2022-2022-09-22.png

    New Division

    DOWNTOWN MUSIC HOLDINGS has launched a new division encompassing all of its business and professional services units. FUGA CEO PIETER VAN RIJN will serve as CEO of the new DOWNTOWN MUSIC division, with a new CEO to be named to replace him at FUGA. Companies being assembled under the new division umbrella are FUGA, DOWNTOWN NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS, ADREV, and DOWNTOWN MUSIC SERVICES artist, label services and publishing administration units.

    “DOWNTOWN is committed to placing the tools of the trade in the hands of those who create the art that we all depend on,” said CEO ANDREW BERGMAN. “DOWNTOWN’s new structure offers the most nimble, flexible end-to-end service offering available in the music industry.” “As we continue to position DOWNTOWN as the global leader in music services, this new structure will help us to further empower our artist, label and creator partners around the world,” added BERGMAN. “Under PIETER’s leadership, FUGA became the industry leading service provider of services that rights owners need to be successful in the modern music industry and we’re excited for him to bring his vision and energy to this newly integrated division of the company.

    “It is such an exciting time to be at DOWNTOWN as we shape our offerings into the most potent and strategic music services company in the business today,” said VAN RIJN. “What we have built and developed at FUGA has grown into the leading partner for independent music companies for distribution, technology, marketing services, analytics and royalty accounting. We’ve added new services in NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS and audience engagement. Being able to bring that experience to the broader offering of business services to all of DOWNTOWN is a challenge I am truly energized about. Looking at new markets for us to continue to grow such as ASIA, LATIN AMERICA, AFRICA and specific parts of EUROPE are also tremendous opportunities we are focused on group-wide.”

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