• VirtualJock.com Inks 'The Sandy Show'

    September 22, 2022 at 5:39 AM (PT)
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    Adds 'The Sandy Show'

    NEW GENERATION RADIO's VIRTUALJOCK.COM, represented by KEY NEYWORKS, has inked the syndicated "THE SANDY SHOW" to its voice-tracked show roster. The show, airing on 15 affiliates, is hosted by SANDY MCILREE and his wife TRICIA and was previously distributed by UNITED STATIONS.

    MCILREE said, “TRICIA and I are thrilled to be a part of what (VIRTUALJOCK.COM Pres./CEO) JASON (KIDD) has built. VIRTUALJOCK.COM is a perfect example of how JASON has the unique ability to see beyond the horizon to fill stations’ customization and localization needs as they evolve, no matter how quickly.”   

    KIDD said, “I had the pleasure to work with SANDY while at CBS RADIO in AUSTIN and witnessed his amazing talent and great success. He continues that today with the multi-formatted THE SANDY SHOW. It’s funny, relatable, authentic, and entertaining. SANDY and his wife and co-host TRICIA are a couple that everyone can relate to. We are thrilled to welcome them to VIRTUALJOCK.COM.”  

    KIDD added, “Look for VIRTUALJOCK.COM to continue growing our roster significantly by bringing on even more high-profile talent in both radio and podcasting. Radio is in dire need of strong, entertaining, witty talent who can also localize. We are making every move possible to deliver that in an unmatched way to our clients.”  

    KEY NETWORKS COO DENNIS GREEN said, “KEY NETWORKS is proud to offer stations the opportunity to access top-notch talent like SANDY for your stations. Don’t let tight budgets keep your station from accessing the best and brightest talent on a barter basis. Go to VIRTUALJOCK.COM now and find your next talent offering localization and customization for your market.”

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