• Finally! A Little Bit Of 'Closure' In This Week's 'The Bigger Picture' By Charese Fruge'

    September 22, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    “The only way to fix the problem is to go back and un-do everything that was done, returning the brand to its original strategy that is consistent with its listeners’ expectations.”

    That's a quote from a previous column from MC MEDIA Owner CHARESE FRUGE's "The Bigger Picture" on ALLACCESS.COM. The feature was written after a large broadcast company merged with another and streamlined the Alternative format, making massive cuts to personnel, programming tools and strategy in order to save money. It resulted in the death of heritage brands across the country and the loss of quality programmers and talent on a local level.

    As the company struggles to pick up the pieces, particularly with the Alternative format, FRUGE dives into the change of direction for her personal favorite brand, and her hope that it's not too late to restore ratings and revenue as the station attempts to bring back everything that made it successful in the first place. Click here to read more in this week's "The Bigger Picture."

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