• PIXELYNX & Laylo Partner For Fan Messaging and Drops In The Music Metaverse

    by Jeff McKay
    September 21, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • laylopixelynx02-2022-09-20.jpg

    New Partnership

    The partnership between PIXELYNX and LAYLO will allow for the PIXELYX gaming platform to utilize LAYLO’s full suite of audience management products and bring its customizable creator messaging and drops platform to artists, creators and brands in ELYNXIR, the debut game from PIXELYNX set to launch later this year.   

    PIXELYNX CEO & Co-founder INDER PHULL said, “We love everything LAYLO is building. Their platform is essential for any creator or brand entering WEB3. We will be building integrations between our products that make it easy for creators to manage their drops.”

    LAYLO CEO & co-founder ALEC ELLIN said, “When we heard INDER’s vision for the PIXELYNX universe and the creators they’re building with, we knew we needed to be working together. Together, we’ll give creators a way to build incredible drop experiences for their fans, ownership of their data, and deeper engagement inside the ELYNXIR game.”

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