• Halsey & Live Nation Team Up To Bring Self-Expression Cosmetic Lines To Fans

    by Charese Frugé
    September 21, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • about-face-glitter-bar-by-dusana-risovic-for-lollapalooza-2022_dsc00524-2022-09-20.jpg

    Halsey's About-Face Glitter Bar

    HALSEY and LIVE NATION have teamed up to bring her self-expression cosmetic lines About-Face and AF94 to fans at concerts. The partnership will offer fan experiences throughout venues and festivals, encouraging individuality and makeup experimentation. LIVE NATION has also made an equity investment to support the growing brands created by the artist as they provide live music fans with an outlet for creativity. 

    ABOUT-FACE and AF94 will create experiences at many LIVE NATION venues and festivals, offering product sampling, self-guided application, and a range of virtual and actual ‘try and buy’ integrations with their long-wear, performance-driven, highly pigmented products. According to fan insights from LIVE NATION, people often experiment or enhance their look for shows, with 84% of fans saying live music events encourage freedom in self-expression. 

    HALSEY said, “Makeup and music go hand in hand. I don’t fully become HALSEY until the transformative moment in front of my mirror, where I lay out my kit. It’s the creative before the creative. The LIVE NATION partnership will usher in a new way to experience the intersection of live entertainment and makeup. Infused with confidence and freedom, everyone in attendance will have the chance to transform in the way that I have long lived to do. LIVE NATION has given me a platform to express my vision to my audience on stages across the world. Our future together will mean seeing the audiences’ visions come to life from the crowds.”

    LIVE NATION Global Pres./Media and Sponsorship RUSSELL WALLACH added, "HALSEY has always pushed boundaries, broken beauty norms and disregarded public opinion in favor of supporting personal forms of self-expression and LIVE NATION is proud to support that by partnering with ABOUT-FACE and AF94. Integrating these brands at concerts and festivals encourages boundless creativity, and we’re excited to see what fans lean into as they experiment at shows.”

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