• WGEM-A/Quincy, IL Plagued By Tech Trouble On AM, Continues On FM Translator

    by Jeff McKay
    August 5, 2022 at 12:27 PM (PT)
  • wgem-1440-2022-08-05.jpg

    At Least 98.9 FM Is Working

    GRAY TELEVISION Sports WGEM-A-W255CY/QUINCY, IL is experiencing technical difficulties on AM, including the loss of its main and backup transmitters. The programming continues to be available on its FM translator, which is not experiencing trouble.

    GM BEN VAN NESS told sister NBC/CW/FOX/MeTV affiliate WGEM-TV, “Due to a variety of challenges that come along with this, it will take quite some time before we know what our next steps might be or can be. This situation has been reported to the FCC and WGEM remains compliant with all rules and regulations that are set forth by the FCC when operating a translator (98.9 FM) on our AM station (1440).”

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