• Heather Froglear Adds Weekend '90s Country Show For Audacy

    by Phyllis Stark
    August 5, 2022 at 11:12 AM (PT)
  • heatherfroglear-2022-01-20-2022-08-05.jpg


    COUNTRY RADIO HALL OF FAME member and AUDACY KFRG (K-FROG 95.1)/RIVERSIDE, CA afternoon co-host HEATHER FROGLEAR is the new host of the SUNDAY morning '90s Country show show that airs on AUDACY Country stations nationwide. Now called "'90s Country With HEATHER," the show airs from 8-10a local times.

    Said FROGLEAR in a social media post about the show, "From the left coast to the right, let's do this! I'll even put on blue mascara."

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