• John Shomby's Column Looks At One Small Radio Cluster's Talent Development Process

    August 4, 2022 at 9:01 AM (PT)
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    In his ALL ACCESS column this week, consultant and talent coach JOHN SHOMBY takes a close look at a small market cluster that truly is “live and local” on every station, in every daypart, seven days a week. How is this possible in today’s radio environment? The cluster’s OM explains to SHOMBY how they’re making it work, including their “grow locals” philosophy and their “radio school” training. SHOMBY takes it a step further explaining how he thinks other companies isn other markets could expand the concept.

    Intrigued? Find out where this cluster is and how it works in SHOMBY's column, “One Small Radio Cluster May Be Onto Something With Talent Development,” in ALL ACCESS' CONSULTANT TIPS section here.

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