• Acast+ Adds One-Time Payment Option

    August 4, 2022 at 5:08 AM (PT)
  • acast-logo-2022-08-04.jpg

    New Option

    ACAST has added an additional monetization option to its ACAST+ subscription platform, now allowing podcasters to receive one-time payments.

    Sr. Mgr./Product STACEY GOERS said, “Since we launched ACAST+, podcasters have been asking for a more flexible entry point -- especially to trial ACAST+ without needing to commit to creating bonus content for the long term -- and, with one-time payments, we’re able to give it to them.

    “We look forward to seeing podcasters launch new offerings using one-time payments. Whether you have a health podcast and want to launch a companion audio course, or want to package together your interview podcast’s greatest hits, one-time payments can really be whatever a podcaster wants them to be.”

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