• WEQX/Manchester, VT-Albany, NY Unveiling A Community Sharing ‘Free-QX Library’

    by Shawn Alexander
    August 4, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • eqx-manchester-vt-freeqx-records-library-august-2022-2022-08-03.jpg

    Free-QX Library

    NORTHSHIRE COMMUNICATIONS Alternative WEQX/MANCHESTER, VT-ALBANY, NY has created the "FREE-QX LIBRARY," a community sharing record library that will be unveiled TODAY (8/4) during the station’s annual Parking Lot Party from 4-7p.

    WEQX PD JEFF MORAD said, "FREE-QX came to me when I was driving around, and saw one of those little street side book libraries where people can take and leave books. I thought that this would also be fun with records (vinyl). We have a lot of vinyl that comes through EQX, and we are always dreaming up ways to connect with the local community.”

    The FREE-QX structure is built in front of the MANCHESTER-based station, which has been at 161 Elm Street in the Historic Depot District since 1984. “ERIC THE EQX ENGINEER designed an inventive solar powered fan system to help maintain the integrity of the vinyl records during the warm months,” noted MORAD. “We are all about sharing music, and this just seemed like something that matched so much of what we do at EQX.”

    Listeners can share vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, even 8-tracks and reel-to-reel tapes at the FREE-QX LIBRARY.

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