• All Access' Austin Bessey Talks To PIAO About Upcoming LA Show & New Single 'SFL'

    by Jeff McKay
    August 4, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • piao-2022-08-03.jpg

    PAIO Performing in L.A.

    ALL ACCESS' AUSTIN BESSEY interviews CHINESE-born & CANADIAN-raised singer and multi-instrumentalist PIAO, discussing the recent release of her new single “SFL,” as well as her show on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3rd at the ECHO alongside PHANGS and MOONTOWER.   

    PAIO tells ALL ACCESS she has been working toward her musical debut since she was just three years old. Discussing her new single, “SFL,” which stands for “Searching For Life,” PAIO said, “it encapsulates the answer to a lot of her other songs, which a lot of them were questions. ‘SFL’ is kind of the thesis that I keep referring back to support this life essay.”

    You can hear PAIO’s “SFL” here, and read more about the interview by BESSEY with PAIO here.

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