• In 26-Plus Years, Life Changed, But Radio Didn't Adapt: A Look Back (And Forward) In 'The Letter'

    by Perry Michael Simon
    January 14, 2022 at 9:23 AM (PT)
  • perryatmarthascrop2022-2022-01-14.jpg The Last Lunch At Martha's (Photo: Fran Simon)

    "In 26 years, radio hasn't changed enough while the world has changed around it. Maybe it's that many of the same people were in charge in 1995 who run things in 2022. Maybe it's that the people who did see things changing in 1995 aren't in radio anymore."

    ALL ACCESS' PERRY MICHAEL SIMON is moving away after over 26 years in CALIFORNIA, and the occasion has him thinking about what's changed -- and what hasn't -- in the media, and what opportunities have been squandered and what's possible for the future. This week's "THE LETTER FROM ALL ACCESS NEWS-TALK-SPORTS" column is a combination of professional and personal reminiscing and looking forward, with a cameo appearance by CALVIN AND HOBBES.

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