• KVVL/Maryville, MO Flips To '97.1 Real Alternative Radio'

    by Shawn Alexander
    January 14, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • kvvl-971-2022-01-13.jpg

    Real Alternative Radio Now In MIssouri

    REGIONAL MEDIA Classic Rock KVVL/MARYVILLE, MO flips to "97.1 REAL ALTERNATIVE RADIO" starting TODAY (1/14) with THE BOB & TOM SHOW in mornings.

    KVVL's playlist will include Alternative and New Wave standbys like THE CARS, TALKING HEADS, R.E.M., THE CURE and U2. The station will feature a "SMELLS LIKE LUNCH SHOW" with nothing but the '90s and a FIVE@5 segment will spotlight a different theme every day. 

    REGIONAL MEDIA Rock Formats Director DAVE LEVORA said, “KVVL is not a cookie-cutter 'alternative' with a narrow safe playlist curated by algorithms or soulless research done in auditoriums a thousand miles away from MISSOURI. REAL ALTERNATIVE RADIO is crafted specifically for people who don't care to hear the same 150 songs over and over. We'll play a ton of new Alternative (there's so much great music being made right now), as well as Classic Alternative, Indie Rock, Grunge, Punk, New Wave, Britpop. There's more than 40 years of meaningful music to explore and I'm stoked to offer MARYVILLE and beyond KVVL 97.1, REAL ALTERNATIVE RADIO!"

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