• CBC Announces Winter 2022 Podcast Slate

    by Perry Michael Simon
    January 13, 2022 at 10:55 AM (PT)
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    New Podcasts

    The CBC’s podcast slate for WINTER 2022 includes the memoir of a prominent journalist’s personal story of abuse, a new international news show, a reporter’s story of his childhood family tragedy, a missing-person case, dating stories, and a look at the creative process.

    The new shows are ANNA MARIA TREMONTI’s personal account of marital abuse, “WELCOME TO PARADISE” (starting FEBRUARY 15th); the international news podcast “NOTHING IS FOREIGN” with TAMARA KHANDAKER (coming FEBRUARY 11th); ALEX MCKINNON’s “SORRY ABOUT THE KID,” telling the story of how he dealt with his brother’s death (debuting JANUARY 19th); “THE NEXT CALL: THE CASE OF NADIA ATWI,” with DAVID RIDGEN investigating the disappearance of an EDMONTON woman in 2017 (launching FEBRUARY 8th); a podcast based on CBC GEM’s “TRUE DATING STORIES” (beginning FEBRUARY 11th); and “LET’S MAKE A SCI-FI,” with comics RYAN BELL, MADDY KELLY, and MARK CHAVEZ trying to write a pilot with the aid of professional HOLLYWOOD writers (starts MARCH 1st).

    “For a long time, I thought what happened to me gave me the empathy to help other people tell their stories of trauma. I didn’t think I should talk about my own – journalists aren’t supposed to talk about their own issues. But, in the midst of one interview in particular, I realized my silence wasn’t helpful. It was becoming a lie,” said TREMONTI. “Decades ago, I got away from the man who abused me. But what he did to me has followed me for the rest of my life – in the form of shame, self-blame and loathing.  I’m finally letting that go -- WELCOME TO PARADISE is my story.”

    I grew up at the intersection of a bunch of different cultures and spent my formative years with an incredibly diverse group of friends. That upbringing has given me a deep appreciation for other places and cultures, and allowed me to think of myself much more as a global citizen,” said KHANDAKER. “I've been craving a show that looks at world news through that lens, and that's what Nothing Is Foreign will do -- it'll go deep, center the people who are living the news, and be curious about the histories that make us who we are. It'll help listeners feel more connected to the world around them and make it feel just a little bit smaller.”

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