• Glenn Beck Says He's Contracted COVID-19 Again, Virus Has Spread To His Lungs

    January 13, 2022 at 8:56 AM (PT)
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    PREMIERE NETWORKS host GLENN BECK has contracted COVID-19 again and told fellow syndicated host MARK LEVIN on the latter's WEDNESDAY show that the infection has spread to his lungs.

    THE DAILY BEAST reports that BECK, who has not been vaccinated and has opposed mandates, said that he is taking the horse deworming medication Ivermectin to treat the virus, which he said that he has had "for about a week." He claimed that he is "not concerned about it" but added, "I am a fatty-fat-fatso, so that is probably not the best thing, and I got some other issues." BECK disclosed his second infection in an INSTAGRAM post last FRIDAY, calling it "just the worst 'cold' I have ever had."

    In an interview with FOX NEWS CHANNEL's TUCKER CARLSON on TUESDAY, BECK spread the false story that a WASHINGTON state panel was deciding to create "internment camps" to detain the unvaccinated, a story that the SEATTLE TIMES reports was not true but resulted in "a couple hundred" protestors and a far-right Congressional candidate showing up at the State Board of Health on WEDNESDAY to protest.

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