• In This Week's All Access 'Guest 10 Questions Takeover'; WWZY/Monmouth-Ocean PD/Morning Host Robby Bridges Has The Questions And Instagram Mystery Star @ShittyRadioJock Has The Answers

    by Tom Cunningham
    January 13, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • robby-srj-2022-01-12.jpg

    Robby Bridges, @ShittyRadioJock

    This week in ALL ACCESS, both the Top 40/M and Hot AC 10 Questions sections have been “taken over” by ROBBY BRIDGES and @ShittyRadioJock.

    Veteran programmer and air talent ROBBY BRIDGES is currently the PD and morning show host on Classic Rock WWZY (107.1 THE BOSS)/MONMOUTH-OCEAN and the @ShittyRadioJock INSTRAGRAM page has become “must reading” within the industry.

    Their 10Q is “must reading” too.  Candor is one of SRJ’s calling cards, and BRIDGES doesn’t shy away from asking provocative questions.

    Naturally, the opinions expressed are their own, and not those of the management and staff of ALL ACCESS.  Check it out here

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