• iHeartMedia Announces Expansion Into The Metaverse

    by Roy Trakin
    January 13, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Robert Pittman

    iHEARTMEDIA just announced an important next step in extending its presence into web3 and the metaverse, beginning with plans for the creation of iHEART events and experiences for listeners and music fans on ROBLOX, a global platform bringing people together through shared experiences, and committing to launch tokenized communities for its users and creators. iHEART will also use its reach of over 90% of AMERICANS every month to create engagement through the awareness and demand necessary to bring new metaverse and web3 platforms to the mass market. 

    iHEARTMEDIA Chairman/CEO BOB PITTMAN commented, “Although there are a number of great new products for the metaverse and web3 from a wide array of creators, with our unparalleled audience reach, multiple platforms, and our trusted broadcast and podcast hosts, iHEARTMEDIA is uniquely positioned to build the consumer awareness, understanding and demand necessary for those new products and platforms from both us and others to succeed. We see this as a unique opportunity to serve our listeners’ needs, provide an important new layer of growth for the company, and help develop the advertising and consumer potential for the metaverse and web3.”

    iHEARTMEDIA plans to bring immersive musical moments to the over 47 million daily active users on the ROBLOX platform and launch its first tokenized community, building a new token that will incentivize and reward the iHEART creator community in new ways and give iHEART’s fans unique access to offerings across its multiple platforms, and a series of collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs), building on the success of its previously launched iHEARTMUSIC FESTIVAL NFTs in partnership with Green NFT platform ONEOF in SEPTEMBER 2021.

    Added iHEARTMEDIA Digital Audio Group President CONAL BYRNE, “In the same way in which we believed in and committed to digital radio and podcasting – and became the strong number one in both -- we are big believers in the incredible potential of web3. We have already stepped into the metaverse with NFTs and have much more to come. iHEART’s place in this ecosystem -- giving fans extraordinary access to the special events and influencers we provide every day of the year -- is what we’re focused on building out as we work with key partners and develop an easy-to-use ramp to the metaverse and web3 for the mass market.”

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