• Mark Bolger Joins WALL/Middletown, NY For Weekends

    by Charese Frugé
    January 13, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    NEVERSINK MEDIA GROUP has announced that HUDSON VALLEY Broadcaster MARK BOLGER is joining Classic Hits WALL-A/MIDDLETOWN, NY for weekends. He can be heard on SATURDAY and SUNDAY afternoons from noon to 5p (ET). 

    BOLGER, a 10-time winner in the "Best Radio Personality" category in HUDSON VALLEY MAGAZINE’s annual "Best-Of" issue, said, “Having been on in the mornings for decades was lots of fun. You try to help start people’s day when they are juggling time between work and family. WALL has given me a prime slot on weekend afternoons to share all these great songs. I’ll enjoy hanging out with the listeners while they kick back a little. It’s going to be great.”

    WALL GM MARY RIDINGS added, “Having listened to and worked with MARK, I’m just as excited as most to add him to our on-air team. He’s a broadcast professional and an easy conversationalist, and he’s the perfect complement to our HUDSON VALLEY hometown station.”

    BOLGER’s first broadcast on WALL will be SATURDAY, JANUARY 15th.  

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