• All Access Audio Summit 2022 Welcomes Radio/TV/Comedian Nick Cannon As Our MC For Day #2 On April 21st

    by Joel Denver
    January 13, 2022 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Nick Cannon Entertains

    ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 set for APRIL 20th & 21st is bringing in the biggest and brightest in radio, music, streaming and podcasting to explore the future – and how radio can be shaped into a more sustainable and successful platform.

    To do that we need Class A talent to make sure it all runs smooth and ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is thrilled to announce that radio and TV host, comedian, actor, producer, hip hop star, writer, director, DJ, philanthropist, children’s book author and activist NICK CANNON is going to be our MC for Day #2 on APRIL 21st.

    You’ve seen and heard NICK’s talents for decades and he’s got a deep passion for radio as the host of the SKYVIEW-syndicated NICK CANNON RADIO SHOW and CANNON’S TOP 30 WEEKEND COUNTDOWN. NICK is also executive producer and host of FOX’s THE MASKED SINGER, and hosts the daytime TV talk show, NICK CANNON.

    CANNON noted, “"My love for radio is sincere. It is the most important, the most intimate, real, and authentic form of entertainment that we have. I've been a part of radio since I was a teenager interning at Z90 in SAN DIEGO and POWER 106 in L.A. I was fourteen, fifteen years old, just trying to get my songs played, trying to be a DJ, doing whatever I could to get into the world of entertainment and radio was the place that opened those doors for me.

    “Because of that, radio will always hold a special place in my heart, and I'll never let it go. I'm always going to be on the radio -- I’m trying to get that CASEY KASEM status baby! I'm excited to be surrounded by all my brothers and sisters in radio and hosting for the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022! Love, light, and gratitude for the invitation! 2022 is for you!"

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    The Focus Of The All Access Audio Summit 2022 Is About Positive Change

    The goal of ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is to bring together as many smart minds as possible. That includes creative thought leaders, real personalities and decision makers armed with eye-opening research. 

    They will discuss the need to make changes to pivot the arc of radio listening to be more in line with today’s listeners and their expectations. Radio is no longer as "convenient" to listen to -- and we all know that "convenience wins."

    We want to discuss meaningful ways to improve content and make radio more appealing and a real entertainment choice for 18-34s again. 

    We have over 50 speakers lined up. Our speakers will add greatly to the conversation as we talk about:

    •The growing importance of radio personalities

    •Not leaving the audience unaccounted for in ratings -- which leaves dollars on the table

    •New ways of selling sponsorships vs 20 minutes an hour of spots

    •Grabbing back radio’s seat at the music discovery table.

    Watch Anywhere You Want, Anytime You Want

    Just like ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2021, the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is designed to make it easy to watch live as it happens, or on-demand whenever you like, across up to two devices for the broadcast on APRIL 20 & 21 and then on-demand when it's convenient for you.

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    Look Who Is Speaking At All Access Audio Summit 2022

    The ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 presents this amazing lineup of creative industry execs ready to share knowledge and ideas on how to reset radio for success -- with more notable speakers to come, soon!

    Make plans to join ALL ACCESS for this must-attend virtual event, ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022, set for 4/20 & 4/21/22, that provides the industry with a platform where we can creatively discuss the many elephants in the room – and make real positive changes.

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