• In This Week's 'Women To Watch' Charese Fruge Talks To Cumulus/New Orleans General Sales Manager Wendy Guillie

    by Tom Cunningham
    November 24, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • charese-fruge-wendy-guillie-2021-11-23.jpg

    Charese Fruge, Wendy Guillie

    In this week's ALL ACCESS "WOMAN TO WATCH" column, MC MEDIA Principal CHARESE FRUGE learns how WENDY GUILLIE made the impressive move to the General Sales Mgr. job at CUMULUS/NEW ORLEANS.

    Reflecting on the current business climate, GUILLIE said, “We work a little differently now—all of our people have the ability to work from home but most days we are in the office. It made me, as well as, I think most people, realize you have to have a work/life balance. I think most people like having the flexibility. It has been challenging –so many people went out of business, now they are struggling to find workers so they can stay open—all of this has had a big impact on our business.”

    Every week in ALL ACCESS' "WOMEN TO WATCH," CHARESE FRUGE talks the talk with a woman making it happen in one of the many facets of our associated businesses. This week, find out about WENDY GUILLIE. Read her story here. 

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