• Update: Judge Reinstates Larry Elder On California Gubernatorial Recall Election Ballot

    July 21, 2021 at 4:10 PM (PT)
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    Back On The Ballot

    LARRY ELDER's suit to overturn a decision by state election officials that left him off the CALIFORNIA gubernatorial recall ballot bore fruit late WEDNESDAY (7/21) when CALIFORNIA Superior Court Judge LAURIE EARL decided that ELDER was impermissibly eliminated from the ballot of candidates for Governor in the event the simultaneous recall of incumbent GAVIN NEWSOM is successful.

    The SALEM RADIO NETWORK syndicated talk host was dropped from the list of qualified candidates for the SEPTEMBER 14th recall election after officials said he failed to file the requisite five years' worth of tax returns; ELDER's suit contends that he complied with the Secretary of State's requirements, indicating that there were redactions but the paperwork was filed, and called his omission "not simply unfair and absurd but a dangerous and unconstitutional precedent."

    The suit claimed that Secretary of State SHIRLEY WEBER has the authority or duty to remedy any redaction mistakes in election filings, and that the law requiring the tax returns applies to primary elections but not recall elections. EARL agreed that the law only applies to primary elections, meaning that ELDER was not required to comply with the tax return requirement.

    This item has been updated to report the outcome of ELDER's case.

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