• Jacobs Media Asks, 'What's The State Of New Music Discovery?'

    July 21, 2021 at 5:16 AM (PT)
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    Fred Jacobs

    JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS writes, "Radio and records veterans are only too aware of the basic trajectory of new music discovery. For eons, the labels have first identified artists who recorded albums and singles. The very best songs were then released and delivered to radio stations in the appropriate format. And then their promotional machines took over. Concerts, station visits, and other marketing activity ensued.

    "And that is primarily how hits were made. Some songs – especially by established artists were added on their day of release. Others required both the ears and courage of a program or music director, willing to go out on a limb to support a new song or an up-and-coming band.

    "First, it was surveying record stores and tracking requests to determine if a new song had a chance to crack through. Later, it was callout research that helped determine whether radio was on the right track – figuratively and literally.

    "But in recent years, the old model has developed stress cracks. Labels have less faith in radio. And most stations are no longer as adventuresome as they once were, especially at a time when the larger markets are reliant on meters to determine how many are listening."

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