• In This Week's 'Women To Watch' Column; Charese Fruge Plugs In With New KRAV (Mix 96.5)/Tulsa Morning Co-Host Jessica Rose

    July 21, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Charese Fruge, Jessica Rose

    In this week's ALL ACCESS "WOMEN TO WATCH" column, MC MEDIA Principal CHARESE FRUGE gets caught up with brand new KRAV (MIX 96.5)/TULSA “KC IN THE MORNING” co-host JESSICA ROSE.

    Discussing her passion for her profession, ROSE said, “My love for radio was developed because of my mother and where we lived. I was born and raised in LA and anyone who knows big cities, knows we spend hours in the car. In the era that I grew up in, our only option for entertainment was the radio. My favorite part of any day was riding shotgun with my mom and listening to the radio. I love music but it was the personalities that pulled me in. Voices like CASEY KASEM, RICK DEES, ELLEN K, DA BAKA BOYS, THEO, NAUTICA DE LA CRUZ, PJ BUTTA, DELILAH, and BIG BOY always made me feel like I was in the room. I grew up loving to mimic commercials in the car and read billboards out loud. It was fun and I guess I was already preparing my voice.”

    Every week in ALL ACCESS' "WOMEN TO WATCH," CHARESE FRUGE shines the spotlight on a woman who’s making a difference in one of our associated businesses.  This week, check in with JESSICA ROSE. Read her story here.

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