• This Week’s Merge: Five Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Growth

    July 21, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Lori Lewis

    “With 500 million people using INSTAGRAM STORIES every day – it would do a brand well to play around in this space,” stated MERGE author and LORI LEWIS MEDIA President LORI LEWIS.

    “Here’s why: Interactions on INSTAGRAM STORIES (anywhere, really) train the algorithm (the code set in place that dictates what we see) to trust we are generating entertaining content + boosting the audience’s experience with you and for INSTAGRAM.

    “It matters to the platforms we are contributing to a positive user experience.

    “There are a lot of cool ways to increase activity – consider the many ways to get started.”

    Read more about " Five Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Growth " in MERGE, which is designed and written to help assist the radio and record industry in the social and digital space. Reach out to LORI LEWIS, here.

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