• Fuse, Heavy.Com & Jingle Punks Form New Company For Creators, Slip.Stream

    July 21, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Providing Safe Music Libraries For Artists

    The founders of FUSE, HEAVY.COM and JINGLE PUNKS have launched a new company, SLIP.STREAM, which provides video creators and streamers a safe music library and musicians an opportunity to gain fans/revenue streams. DAVID CARSON, DAN DEMOLE and JESSE KORWIN partnered with creators in mind to build SLIP.STREAM with a copyright strike safe library of over 50,000 tracks and 40,000 sound effects, filled with real music by real artists. 

    With over 20M YOUTUBE video creators, 34M gaming streamers on multiple platforms and 30M independent creators worldwide, SLIP.STREAM is removing the friction around music rights and allowing creators to include music they love in their videos and streams and musicians ownership of their creations, along with the opportunity to gain new fans and revenue streams. Click here for more information on SLIP.STREAM.

    SLIP.STREAM's DAN DEMOLE said, "The music and creator economy is rapidly becoming decentralized, with musicians focused on controlling their rights and distribution, and video creators demanding great music in their content, which is where we saw both need and opportunity."

    Co-CEO DAVID CARSON added, “It’s clear that the more artists' songs are used in content, the more streams and revenue they generate."

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