• New Podcast Network Booksmart Studios Launches With Investment From Substack

    July 20, 2021 at 10:44 AM (PT)
  • booksmartstudios2021-2021-07-20.png

    Supported By Substack Funding

    A new podcast network is being funded by subscription newsletter platform SUBSTACK, reports AXIOS, which says that former WNYC STUDIOS "ON THE MEDIA" producer MICHAEL VUOLO and NPR contributor MATTHEW SCHWARTZ's BOOKSMART STUDIOS is launching with both free podcasts distributed via RSS through all podcast apps and by paid subscription with special perks including extra content, merchandise, and custom video and voice messages.

    The network is launching with five new podcasts, the first three including "BANISHED" with AMNA KHALIID, "LEXICON VALLEY" with JOHN MCWHORTER, and "BULLY PULPIT" with former "ON THE MEDIA" co-host BOB GARFIELD, all coming this month, and "THE DIRECTION IS SOUND" with CHRIS MANDRA and "UNPRECEDENTED" with VUOLO and SCHWARTZ coming later in the SUMMER. AXIOS says that SUBSTACK's investment is in the form of a a six-figure advance and SUBSTACK will take 10% of revenues after the advance expires at the end of the first year.

    SUBSTACK already offers users an audio tool to record, upload, and distribute podcasts through its platform.

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