• New Podcast 'Blind Landing' Tells Story Of Olympic Mistake

    July 20, 2021 at 5:52 AM (PT)
  • blindlanding2021-2021-07-20.png

    Launched Monday

    A new five-episode podcast about the 2000 SYDNEY Olympics and a mistake that caused turmoil in the women's gymnastics competition debuted MONDAY (7/19). "BLIND LANDING," hosted by NPR Producer ARI SAPERSTEIN, is being represented for advertising sales by LIBSYN's ADVERTISECAST.

    “With the lead up to the TOKYO Olympics underway and the popularity of gymnastics as an Olympic sport, podcasting content combining both represents the ultimate opportunity for us. We expect this podcast to leverage that enthusiasm and generate significant interest from both audiences and advertisers,” said ADVERTISECAST Chief Revenue Officer DAVE HANLEY. “We’re very excited to be the exclusive advertising partner for the 'BLIND LANDING' podcast miniseries.”

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