• Jacobs Media To Conduct Public Radio Tech Survey 2021

    June 10, 2021 at 11:08 AM (PT)
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    Annual Survey

    JACOBS MEDIA is planning its annual PUBLIC RADIO TECH SURVEY (PRTS) in conjunction with PRPD (PUBLIC RADIO PROGRAM DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION). The survey will take place from late JUNE through JULY.

    JACOBS MEDIA stated, “The goal of these PRTS studies is to help public radio stations better understand the impact change and disruption have on their operations and help them strategically navigate the digital waters to maximize effectiveness, build strategies, communicate to staff, and set priorities.”

    For public radio stations that focus on music, PRTS 2021 will continue to provide direction into how radio is used by consumers. For public radio in general, PRTS 2021 will examine and track the online habits of public radio audiences.

    For a small fee, participating stations/networks will receive in-depth information and will also be able to attend an executive summary presented via webinar.

    For details on registration and fees, go here. The deadline for registration is FRIDAY, JUNE 18th. Questions can be answered by ELNORA LOWE at JACOBS MEDIA. Call her at (248) 353-9030.

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