• In This Week's 'Women To Watch' Column; Charese Fruge Finds Out About The Quick-Moving Career of Vanessa 'V' Gomez

    June 9, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    Charese Fruge, Vanessa "V" Gomez

    In this week's ALL ACCESS "Women To Watch" column, MC MEDIA Principal CHARESE FRUGE talks to newly-minted KQSR (MIX 100.9) YUMA APD/midday personality VANESSA "V" GOMEZ.

    Reflecting on her career to this point, V said, “So far I’ve learned that working hard will make you stand out. It’s important to always remember that people are watching you, and they are paying attention. Even if you don’t see yourself growing in your current role, I’ve learned that working hard is always the right move. Once you have a reputation of getting to work on time, being present, being available, being flexible, being willing to learn, and working well with others, you’ll always have a job. Your current colleagues could be great references in the future.”

    Week after week in ALL ACCESS' "WOMEN TO WATCH," CHARESE FRUGE shines the spotlight on a woman who's making a difference. This week, learn about VANESSA "V" GOMEZ here.

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