• Nationally Syndicated Dave & Jimmy Pull Off Fake Trip To Disney For Four Year-Old

    June 9, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • disney.jpg

    Kip Had No Clue It Was Not The Real Disney

    Nationally Syndicated AM Show DAVE & JIMMY set out to take a co-worker's four-year-old, KIP, to DISNEY. After realizing the budget was unrealistic, the duo decided to treat him to a trip to DISNEY-ish instead. 

    JIMMY JAM and KIP's Mom, KELSEY WEBB, drove KIP to KINGS ISLAND in CINCINNATI, arranged for KIP to meet Disney-type generic princesses and rodents in the parking lot, and lied to the boy for an entire week! The falsehoods included DISNEY-ish sing-a-longs like "It's A Small World, Hakuna Piada, You’ve got a friend in MILWAUKEE, and WALT’s head is not frozen." They took pictures of KIP by CINDERELLA’s "WHITE CASTLE," and yelled screaming distractions when the park announcer would welcome everyone to KINGS ISLAND.

    DAVE said, "KIP had fun, and will only require therapy much later in life. All in all, another stupid show for DAVE & JIMMY (available through USRN).

    No toddlers were hurt during the conducting of this experiment. 

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