• WCBS-A/New York City Hall Reporter Rich Lamb Retiring

    January 27, 2021 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • rich-lamb-photo-wcbs-a.jpg

    Rich Lamb (Photo: WCBS-A)

    ENTERCOM News WCBS-A (WCBS 880)/NEW YORK City Hall Reporter RICH LAMB has announced his retirement. After a 50-year career, including over 40 years with WCBS-A, LAMB retires at the end of FEBRUARY.

    WCBS-A Brand Mgr./News Dir. TIM SCHELD commented, "RICH is a one of a kind reporter and human being. He will be missed not just for his broadcast journalism and eloquent storytelling but RICH is a selfless friend, colleague and mentor whose influence and friendships can be seen across the NEW YORK CITY landscape in business, journalism and politics. RICH may be leaving, but he has left each one of us at WCBS 880 with something to help us carry on his legacy."

    In a memo to co-workers at WCBS-A, RICH LAMB said, "It has been a most extraordinary honor of a professional lifetime to have been a member of the WCBS radio team. Even as I write this notice of my imminent departure, a flood of fond memories crowds my mind with the names of the scores of exceptionally talented people with whom I have had the honor of professional association and friendship, too many to mention here."

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