• Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) Endorses Radio Workflow

    January 26, 2021 at 8:42 AM (PT)
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    Endorses Radio Workflow

    Since JULY 2020, the INDEPENDENT BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION (IBA) has been testing workflow systems for traffic, billing, and production. RADIO WORKFLOW has been selected as the “Software of Choice”  to fully integrate all operations of broadcast operations of any size. It seamlessly connects sales, traffic, billing, and the on-air product to manage all internal operations of the broadcast company but also to eliminate common mistakes that result in lost billing. YIELD MANAGEMENT is currently being integrated.

    “The endorsement by the INDEPENDENT BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION is exciting and humbling at the same time”, said RADIO WORKFLOW, INC. President/co-owner ROBERT MASCHIO. “We work tirelessly to exceed the needs and expectations of broadcasters, both small and large, worldwide. This recognition by the ASSOCIATION is meaningful to RADIO WORKFLOW and supports the endorsement of broadcasters who have achieved a better product, at a reduced cost, with our integrated platform”.

    IBA Pres./Executive Director RON STONE, added “This has been a long process of looking at systems that can enhance capabilities and eliminate redundancy. It has never made sense to me that every account on a station resides in multiple programs when it could be much easier. RADIO WORKFLOW offers traffic, CRM, production management, ROI analysis, and very soon, will include a yield management system that finally gives pricing control back to the stations. This system is as robust as any...and more complete to meet the needs of any broadcaster, whether you own one station or many. While RADIO WORKFLOW is already priced extremely affordable, our relationship with them will yield an additional 20% discount for IBA members. We estimate on average, implementation will result in up to 50% savings for stations using similar and multiple systems to accomplish what this one software will do.”

    “The growth that RADIO WORKFLOW experienced in 2020 was nothing short of mindblowing,” said RADIO WORKFLOW, INC. VP/co-owner FLETCHER FORD. “To receive this endorsement from the IBA as we going into 2021 is amazing. The IBA is a great organization led by some of the most talented and dedicated broadcasters that are working tirelessly on behalf of our broadcast industry.”

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