• Music Row To Be Featured In New CNBC Series, 'Street Of Dreams'

    November 20, 2020 at 12:47 PM (PT)
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    NASHVILLE's MUSIC ROW will be featured in an episode of the new CNBC series hosted by MARCUS LEMONIS, “Streets of Dreams with MARCUS LEMONIS.” According to the NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL, the episode, which was taped before the COVID-19 pandemic, will highlight MUSIC ROW and the success stories of music industry entrepreneurs and business professionals it has been a part of, including artist BRETT YOUNG and UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING GROUP NASHVILLE CEO TROY TOMLINSON. The episode will air TUESDAY, JANUARY 5th at 9p (CT).

    “I love all aspects of business, but the most intriguing part to me is the people,” said LEMONIS. “Normally, I invest in business, but I’ve always said we need to ‘bet on humanity,’ and in this show I was able to peel back the layers of some of these iconic streets in business and understand how the people behind them have kept them running so successfully for generations ... There are some incredible stories and we get to show viewers the importance of how people can build dreams together.”

    Other iconic streets to be featured in the series, which begins TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29th, are NEW YORK's DIAMOND DISTRICT, SAN DIEGO's HARBOR DRIVE and MIAMI's CALLE OCHO.

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