• Harrison Hinman To PD At WJYY/Concord, NH; Nazzy Named APD/MD

    November 20, 2020 at 12:35 PM (PT)
  • harrison-hinman-and-nazzy-wjyy-2020-500.jpg Hinman And Nazzy

    BINNIE MEDIA Top 40/Mainstream WJYY (105.5 JYY)/CONCORD, NH has named HARRISON HINMAN PD. HINMAN also host middays on the station. Simultaneously, it was announced that WJYY afternoon personality NAZZY would add APD/MD stripes.

    In a FACEBOOK post HINMAN commented, "I'm very grateful for this amazing opportunity and am also very happy to have NAZZY by my side as Assistant Program Director and Music Director. I still have to pinch myself every now and then. I've been listening to JYY since I was a young kid so this has all come full circle."

    HINMAN continued, "This is quite the opportunity and I'm very grateful for HEATH COLE, MASSIMO ROSATI and the rest of the great team we have at BINNIE MEDIA for believing in NAZZY and I to lead JYY into a new direction."