• Erin Moran Named CEO At Public Media Company

    November 19, 2020 at 1:37 PM (PT)
  • erinmoran2020.jpg


    PUBLIC MEDIA COMPANY Pres. ERIN MORAN has been named the public media consultancy's CEO. MORAN joined the company in 2002 as principal advisor on financial matters, moving up to CFO for 17 years and named President in OCTOBER 2019.

    In addition, the company named Sr. Manager/Accounting KEVIN GOOD to lead its Virtual Accounting Services department, and named attorney FRED MARIENTHAL to succeed TERESA BAZEMORE as Board Chair, with CARTAGRAPH CEO JOSH MALLAMUD as Vice Chair and attorney JOHN CRIGLER as Treasurer/Secretary.

    “PUBLIC MEDIA COMPANY’s services are in demand during this crucial time for local media,” said Board Chair TERESA BAZEMORE. “ERIN’s leadership in the past year as President has been exemplary  -- we are excited to have her at the helm of PUBLIC MEDIA COMPANY and commend the entire PUBLIC MEDIA COMPANY team for their dedication and service.”

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