• NuVoodoo & Research Director, Inc. Reveal Benefits Of Hot Zip Report

    November 20, 2020 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • research.jpg The Power Of Hot Zip Reports

    Radio's Programming and Marketing teams have been using RESEARCH DIRECTOR INC.'s HOT ZIP REPORT since 2012 to help geotarget heavy listeners and boost ratings. The report provides radio stations with data on which of their market’s zip codes provide the most listening to each station in the metro, as well as customized format groups. 

    NUVOODOO MEDIA SERVICES has long recognized the value of this report which provides unprecedented insight into brand  strengths and weaknesses, down to the precise zip code level. Recently, EVP/Marketing MIKE O’CONNOR sat down with RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. partner CHARLIE SISLEN to discuss the benefits of this report. Here's what they look like:

    • Where the meters or diaries were, and where they were not – using the demo you choose
    • What zips your listening came from, as well as the hot zips for your competitors
    • Where your competition outperforms you
    • If a super heavy listening household has significantly impacted a station’s numbers
    • How key formats perform in each zip code
    • How listening has trended by zip code over the last year
    • How to make your marketing more effective by targeting the zip codes that matter most
    • How your on-air staff can strategically “localize” programming to these important neighborhoods

    Click here to access the full recording of MIKE and CHARLIE’s conversation.