• Perkins Publicity Signs Brady Lee

    November 19, 2020 at 10:43 AM (PT)
  • bradyleepress.jpeg


    NASHVILLE-based PERKINS PUBLICITY has signed singer-songwriter BRADY LEE to an exclusive artist development and publicity deal. LEE, who has a background in Worship music, released his debut Country single, "I Can Do This All Day," in SEPTEMBER.

    "We're incredibly excited to welcome BRADY LEE to our roster," said PERKINS PUBLICITY creator TREVOR PERKINS. "With BRADY's Pop Country brand, he's created a splash into the music scene since the release of his debut single 'I Can Do This All Day.' BRADY's energy and passion for his musical career doesn't go unnoticed."

    "At this point in my career, I need people I can trust around me," said LEE. "I want people who I know are working for my best interests and care about the nuances of my brand and my artistry. It was clear from the beginning that they [PERKINS PUBLICITY] had much more to offer than just publicity, and after watching them design and build a campaign that was 100% unique and tailored to me, I believed we could do anything together."

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