• WYOY (Y101)/Jackson's New Morning Show Hit With Covid-19

    November 19, 2020 at 5:41 AM (PT)
  • jenn-bus-wyoy-2020.jpg

    Jenn & Bus

    NEW SOUTH RADIO Top 40 WYOY (Y101.7)/JACKSON, MS' brand new morning show, JENN & BUS have contracted COVID-19 a month after kicking off their new show. After being on hold as they continue their recuperation, JENN & BUS returned to the air on WEDNESDAY (11/18).

    Because of their illness, the pair was unable to move into their new apartment so they re-launched from their hotel room.

    NEW SOUTH RADIO/JACKSON GM/Market Mgr. BOB LAWRENCE commented, "Our Chief Engineer put together all the necessary equipment, computers, mics, etc. and then I dropped it off at their hotel door and ran. They then talked through the setup on the phone and launched this morning (WEDNESDAY) with no problems."

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