• WRKO/Boston Adds 'The Grace Curley Show' For Middays

    November 19, 2020 at 4:49 AM (PT)
  • gracecurley2020.jpg

    Starts In January

    iHEARTMEDIA News-Talk WRKO-A/BOSTON is adding "THE GRACE CURLEY SHOW" for 12:15-3p (ET), starting JANUARY 4th. CURLEY is Exec. Producer of WRKO's afternoon "HOWIE CARR SHOW" and a columnist for the BOSTON HERALD; she replaces DOUG "VB" GOUDIE, another former HOWIE CARR producer, who exited in the recent iHEART layoffs, with VINNIE PENN filling in since then. CURLEY will continue producing CARR's show and writing her HERALD column.

    “GRACE CURLEY is a great talent and just the sort of host Talk radio needs to take the industry to the next level,” said CARR. “GRACE is a young, articulate, conservative woman who already has years of experience in drive- time programming, state-of-the-art podcasts and daily print journalism.”

    “GRACE has a spark ready to be ignited,” said iHEARTMEDIA BOSTON VP/News, Talk & Sports ROB SANCHEZ. “She is part of the next generation of Talk radio hosts and is ready to set the BOSTON airwaves on fire with her strong and authentic voice. GRACE represents core conservative values through a millennial lens and has learned from the absolute best, so she is the perfect lead in for the ‘HOWIE CARR SHOW.’”

    “I am ecstatic for this huge opportunity to host a Talk radio show and offer my perspective on politics, pop culture and more,” said CURLEY. “Over the last six years, I've been mentored by one of the best in the business, and I look forward to putting the skills I've learned from HOWIE CARR to the test and creating a show that is interesting, unique and entertaining.”

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