• United Stations Extends, Expands SoCast Partnership

    November 19, 2020 at 1:20 AM (PT)
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    New Deal With United Stations

    UNITED STATIONS and SoCAST have signed an extension and expansion of their partnership. The two firms have agreed to a multi-year renewal of their partnership, which already includes exclusive advertising sales representation for SoCAST’s barter inventory, affiliate marketing of SoCAST’s “DIGITAL PLAYBOOK” and the provision of web content by UNITED STATIONS for some of SoCAST’s clients. 

    SoCAST Founder/CEO ELLIOT HURST commented, “When we started this journey, most broadcasters were on the fence when it came to growing digital revenue, Now they not only want it, they want it now. That’s what the DIGITAL PLAYBOOK does, it gets you there faster.” 

    Added UNITED STATIONS MEDIA NETWORKS' STEFAN JONES, "Our friends at SoCAST mastered the content management side of the web for our broadcast partners with solutions for websites, apps, streaming, smart speakers and more.  Now they’ve added the super-smart strategy of giving radio stations the power to become true hybrid players on the supply side of advertising, and we’re thrilled to take their platform to the marketplace now and for years to come.”   

    SoCAST's ELLIOTT HURST added, “We’ve always been strong at helping radio drive growth in digital and now with our expanded deal, we can combine our efforts to provide hyper growth to UNITED STATIONS’ thousands of affiliates and beyond. We’ve been working hard at SoCAST to help radio stations win the battle for local audiences no matter what the platform, and now with our AD EXTENSION platform, we complete the picture by providing the SUPPLY SIDE platform.  We’re also thankful to our partners at UNITED STATIONS for their multi-level support."

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