• Dash Radio Presents The Moseleys' 'First Family Of Radio'

    November 19, 2020 at 1:20 AM (PT)
  • the-moseley-family-2020.jpg

    On Dash Radio

    DASH RADIO has a morning radio show hosted by radio veteran MARK MOSELEY with his adult children MATT and MANDY for "The First Family Of Radio" on its POP FAMILY station, focused on "fun, positivity, wholesome comedy, happy news and pop music."

    MOSELEY says, “2020 has brought families closer together-literally and figuratively. We created a radio station, and a show, that young parents and their kids can agree on and enjoy together. The cynical world of 2020 needs more positive vibes-we’re here to bring that.”

    Adds MANDY, “there’s plenty of places to go to hear bad news-we like GOOD news.” 

    Both of the MOSELEY kids are already show business vets, having grown up as performers. MANDY, an actress, dancer and vocalist, was the lead singer in NICK CANNON’s girl group SCHOOL GYRLS, which spawned two NICKELODEON movies, an ARCHIE COMIE, even a tour in CHINA . MATT is also a professional dancer, actor and singer, who has performed on such shows “Dancing With The Stars”, “The Voice" and can be seen in the upcoming MERYL STREEP film “The Prom. He’s also a star on TIKTOK, with 14 million likes, 325,000 followers. 

    MARK is a 35-year veteran of morning radio, as well as a working voice actor in L.A. A celebrity sound-alike, he’s subbed for actors such as EDDIE MURPHY, PATRICK STEWART and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER/ He’s starred in DISNEY’s sequel “Mulan 2," and appeared in numerous films, TV shows and video games.

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